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Whether you are planting a conservation project, a native restoration, or a small urban landscaping project, native species are for you!  Whether it involves a hard to maintain yard, conservation project, highway construction, new park or brightening up a corner of your garden, contact one of the professionals listed on this site.  You can depend on their advice and the high quality of their plants and seeds.


Encouraging the conservation and use of

native wildflower and grass species

allium canadense     rudbeckia hirta     amorpha canescens     aster ericoides

anemone canadensis     aster puniceus     heliopsis helianthoides     liatris aspera

Promoting the diversity, quality, and availability of native plant species

andropogon gerard     bouteloua curtipendula     bouteloua gracilis     elymus canadensis

koeleria cristata     panicum virgatum     sorghastrum nutans     spartina pectinata

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The Consumer Directory of the

Minnesota Native Wildflower/Grass Producers Association


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Minnesota Native Wildflower/Grass Producers Association

8740 77th St. NE

Otsego, MN 55330

(763) 295-0010



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